New toys… yay!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I’ve been quite occupied the last few days with my newly purchased toys.  Oh what fun it is to finally get my hands on the highly anticipated Apple goodies I have longed for.  Well, it was worth the wait for sure.  I got a brand new MacBook Pro (13″) and new iPhone 4G in white (yes, in white)!  Plus a few accessories.  I won’t go into the specs… you can see all the details here at Apple.

MacBook Pro 2011

My new cell!  What a slippery little sucker… put on a bright blue bumper and it looks so good against the white.

The MacBook Pro will replace my turtle-speed laptop!  Adios Toshiba…

apple laptop review

Never get tired of staring at them… silly me!

Spent $50 on this clear protective cover.  Thought it would be bulky but fits like a glove.  Looks grrreeeeaaatt!!  I actually like it better with the shell on.  Gives it a lovely glossy look and will ensure no oily fingers or scratches end up on the surface.

This little wireless mouse costs $80 but it feels great to the touch and is simple-sleek!

Apple wirless mouse

Obviously, I’ll be doing lots of work on my new laptop.  Will be hitting local coffee shops, libraries, book stores, and of course my front porch/deck… where ever I can sit and type… these will be my BFF’s, at least for several years!!

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