The royal wedding gown – Kate Middleton vs Grace Kelly

Alexander McQueen wedding gown

I’m not into this whole wedding scene, so I didn’t even bother watching the ceremony but when I got up this morning to check out Kate Middleton‘s gown (the most fun part of the wedding)… all I could say was WOW!!!!!  She is one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen and her stunning dress is also one of a very few wedding dresses I actually like (check out her gorgeous engagement ring).

Kate Middleton wedding dress

Kate wore the Alexander McQueen dress, designed by Sarah Burton (creative director) who worked with Kate very closely on the gown.  Kate’s look is head-to-toe elegance.  The best part of the dress to me are the laced shoulders & sleeves that exudes both a feminine and vintage vibe.  The simple veil is also a plus adding to her classy, elegant style.  The gown had nearly a 9′ long train… yikes (well, still way shorter than Diana’s 25′ length).  For any gown, I find the long train weighs down the dress and is nothing but a floor sweeper.  All in all, I absolutely adore Kate’s look!

Kate Middleton wedding gown

Kate’s dress and elegance is eerily similar to that of Grace Kelly (who I think is probably the most beautiful bride ever to walk the face of the earth!), it’s hard not to compare the two really.  Which bride’s look do you like better?

Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly

I must admit, I prefer Grace Kelly’s overall look… I mean, c’mon… who can ever top this grace!

Grace Kelly royal bride
princess wedding gown
Princess Grace of Monaco
Rainier & Grace Kelly

Anyway, I wish the new royal couple a happy & healthy life!  Ahhh, I sooo wish Diana was still here…

William & Kate

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  • stellanfrop April 29, 2011, 8:56 pm

    Love their looks, however Grace Kelly looks like she is marrying her father which spoils it for me.