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I want to share a cool sponsor post talking about ways to glam-ify your home (for those girly girls!) and places where you can find these goodies.  Each piece is simply divine… I NEED you!!!

One trend which has emerged within recent times is the use of Damask print.  This can come in a range of different colours and styles.  Damask has a long a rich history which dates back to the early middle ages.  It was first used on fabric and involved weaving the pattern into a variety of different materials.  It has since become a very popular style again.  Nowadays it is commonly used on wallpaper and bed linen.

Another trend that lends itself to this opulent glamour is the chesterfield sofa which also has a rich history.  The word is said to of originated from Canada, as it was their word for sofa. The name has since been associated with quality products and fine craftsmanship.

This bespoke pink chesterfield sofa is an eye popping centre piece for any room.  The good thing about something which encapsulates colour is that it is then easy to build a room using that colour as a focal point.  If this is too bright for your house, why not opt for something which is toned down to fit in with theme of your home.  You can ask many good chesterfield companies to create your own bespoke sofa which will fit into any home.

girly decor items

1. Wallpaper Direct 2. Tesco 3. John Lewis 4. Saxon Leather 5. Office 6. Ikea 7. The French Furniture Company 8. Debenhams 9. Debenhams

The damask print wallpaper should be used sparingly to create a different dimension to your room without doing any major building work.  French bedroom furniture has now become increasingly sort after; this black noir wardrobe would fit right in with the boudoir theme.  Accessories will always complete your final look, using a number of cushions or adding picture frames will also inject some of your own personality.  To add the finishing touch to your boudoir look no further than the lighting; adding a chandelier brings a touch of glamour to any room.

Match your style to your home by kicking back on your sofa in your pink wedge heels; but don’t think you have to go all out you can tone it down my pairing them with a simple pair of jeans and white t shirt.  If you’re not feeling brave enough to don these heels; you could simple add a slick of pink lipstick to bring a pop of colour to your outfit. So take the risk and inject a touch of gothic glamour into your home and your life; it is sure to be a unique talking point.

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