Style inspiration – Liu Wen

You can get a load of style inspiration from models. Not on runways but more so when they are off duty. Peeping & lurking at models’ street styles is one of my favorite to-dos. Today I stumbled upon a familiar face, Liu Wen (mostly from DKNY) who portrayed a masculine style in such delightful ways. Her boyish look is subtle yet sexy. Love her smile.

Effortlessly throw on these key elements – tailored jacket or vest, button down shirt, stretch pants, combat boots, and a chain necklace or two is a plus. Balance out with chic accessories like this paprika handbag to add a nice warmth to a basic-toned outfit. It’s clear that Liu is also fond of rugged boots. Since it’s spring, the vest seems like more appropriate outerwear.

Button Down Shirt, Vest, Knit Pants, Boots,
Eye Necklace, Chain Link Necklace, Shoulder Bag

Photo credit: altamira

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