Kardashians by bebe

The Kardashian-bebe collection just debuted at NY Fashion Week.  “This collection is sexy but youthful. It represents my personality.” as Kim describes.  A fast sell out but honestly, it’s a typical wearable line that is not much more exciting than what’s already there at bebe.  What do you think?  See the entire collection here.

Reality stars and the fashion industry go hand in hand.  Wanna be a designer?  Get on a reality tv show and get famous (then purposely leak out a sex tape)… that easy!  Everybody and their mom that have gotten popular from reality shows end up launching a clothing or beauty line starting with Jessica Simpson and now the Kardashians.  Wow, the power of reality shows!  But there better not be any fashion/beauty association with Octomom or Kate Gosselin… then I know the world is coming to an end.  Speaking of reality shows, have you seen Kell on earth?  The show is more focused on the behind the scenes of fashion PR which I find more interesting than watching Speidi or tons of kids running around screaming.

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