Got Leggings?

Leggings have come a looooong way.  I remember the neon & lace leggings/tights from the 80’s and now leggings have met their pinnacle with the return of 80’s fashion.  We are living in legging heaven with endless choices of colors, fabrics, patterns, textures, and even those bold cutouts and shiny sequins!

Of course, I can’t live without my black leggings – the most popular and the safest choice for many.  But safe is not always fun.  My latest legging purchase is a leopard one and I can’t wait to buy tie dyed ones that are just as fantastic but cheaper than tie dyed jeans.  Leggings are a great alternative to skinny jeans.  Not all can pull off skinnies but everyone can wear leggings… comfortably!  Honestly, there isn’t really much that can compete with leggings when it comes to both comfort & style.

So why not think of ways to spruce up your leggings so you can enjoy them year-round.  On chilly days, layer the leggings.  Just like in the pic on the left, put on cutout leggings over solid color leggings or tights.  It will give you an interesting layered look and offer some extra insulation.  Will look great under a mini skirt or tunic.  Complete the look with slouchy ankle boots.

Go for vibrant hues!

The latest leggings collection is from Lindsay Lohan’s 6126.  Sexy!

This fab video makes you wanna style & show off your leggings even more – Bluefly presents How to Rock LEGGINGS!

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