Michael Jackson – A Fashion Legend

Michael Jackson has amazed me with his prodigious musical talents, dancing moves, philanthropic service, and his surreal personal style.  Not only is Michael the King of Pop, he is also the King of fashion.  He’s one of the biggest fashion trendsetters of all time and has inspired millions of people from around the globe.

His style is timeless, insouciant, personal, exceptionally cool & sexy!  Whatever he wore, whether on stage or in videos, he looked amazing.  Michael’s fashion is imitated by countless copycats but just like his dance moves… no one wears it like MJ!  Here are my favorite MJ staple looks.

1.  Fedoras – Michael embraced fedora hats both on and off stage.  I love seeing him dance wearing a fedora… made his already unbelievable moves even more sexy!

2.  Military Jackets – Michael was the first person to show me that military jackets can be so fashionable!

3.  Cropped Trousers – Only Michael can pull off these shrunken pants this well without looking like a big dork!

4.  Suit Fashion – Masculine yet elegant… I never thought anyone could dance so well in those suits!  The slim silhouette and the fedora reminds me of the Gucci Spring 09 collection.  Perhaps, they got the idea from Smooth Criminal?

5.  Sparkles & Glitter - Michael was inventive & fearless in both his music and fashion.  Who else could look so casually cool with this much sequins, crystals?  So flashy yet never trashy.  Oh, and don’t forget about the one-glove, loafers, and the aviator shades.

6.  Rock StyleRock with you~~ all night~~ My favorite style of Michael!  Look at his use of all the cool accessories with buckles, chains, zippers, studs, etc.  HOOOOOOOT!

7.  Red Jackets – Seeing him wearing his infamous red jacket makes me want to go get one right now!

Browse through one of MJ’s fashion statement – Military Band Jackets.

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  • The Best of Michael Jackson July 12, 2009, 3:01 am

    I remember people used to imitate his fashion sense. It seems only Michael Jackson can carry most of these fashion statements.

  • MJforever November 1, 2009, 9:24 am

    loved it! He is one of those special and lucky people that look good in everything. Honestly, what other man out there can pull off the sequins like he does??…the whole Billie Jean outfit looks stupid on anyone other than him. The military jacket are just so damn sexy. No one wears it like he does…and no ones pulls off a tux like the man. He makes everything look so cool! It’s amazing. I love how he’s so quiet and shy yet he likes to dress uniquely and stand out, cos I’m like that too =).

  • MJforever November 1, 2009, 9:26 am

    oh and the Dirty Diana look….WOW…the loose white shirt with the t-shirt underneath and the tight leather pants…and those crazy ass boots with all the buckles and belts…what a bad ass…mmmm.