Red Wine Dessert

Cool off this summer with this icy, refreshing, picturesque red wine dessert.  This dessert is just red wine with shaved ice and some yummy toppings.  This recipe is from a foreign blog and I was thankfully able to find the translated version!

The recipe is super easy yet it’s out-of-this-world delicious!  Not too rich nor overly sweet, just decadent!  And get chilled to the bone!  Great for red wine lovers… for kids, substitute wine with milk.

Here is the recipe!

A sweet red wine – Cabernet Sauvignon wine is ideal.

Main Ingredients:
ice, chilled wine
For the Toppings (adjust according to your taste):
ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, brie or Camembert cheese,
favorite fruits such as red grapes, cherries, raisins, dried prunes.

Wine & cheese are always great together.  It’s brie this time.

Cut brie and prunes into bite sizes. 
Here are cheese, raisins, prunes ready to go.

Beautiful shaved ice! You can purchase an
ice shaver from Target or Walmart.

Pour chilled wine into the glass only about 1/7 full.
Too much wine will melt all of the ice as you add!
A big wine glass or any huge glass with a stem is ideal.

Add shaved ice into the cup about half full.
Drizzle sweetened milk on top.
Top it with more ice.

Now, carefully drizzle wine to avoid collapsing the ice.
You can use a spoon. Wow, what a color!
(The total amt of wine used should be no more than 1/3 cup).

Add all the toppings one at a time including ice cream.

The layers of heavenly taste!

An incredible mix of tastes mingled with cold, icy wine.

Cold, creamy, cheesy, fruity, … Mmmmmmm!
The wine aroma adds such a refreshing finish.

One of the best desserts for a hot summer day!

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