Dara Torres – Age is Just a Number

Did you root for her during her swim competition in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?  I certainly did!  Dara Torres is a 42 year old Olympian and a mom.  I honestly had not heard of her before the last Olympics and was shocked to find out that she was competing at age 41 at that time!

She is the epitome of saying – age is just a number.  You really can look & feel healthy and beautiful at any age.  In fact, Dara has a better body than most 20 year old women… look at those abs, arms… what a fab bod!

Age is just a number. I hope women will get that out of this book, that age is a misconception. I am older and stronger, physically and mentally.

I haven’t read her new book yet, Age is Just a Number: Achieve Your Dreams At Any Stage In Your Life and can’t wait to get a hold of it here soon.  In this book, Dara shares her journey on dedication, determination and finding balance in her life while pursuing her dreams.  Dara will motivate you to take care of yourself both mentally and physically and believe in yourself to achieve your dreams at any stage in your life.  I find that very inspiring!

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