Save Anything and Find Anything with Evernote

I want to introduce you to my beloved virtual assistantEvernote.  For those of you that are not yet familiar with it, here is a brief description from the official site:

Evernote allows you to easily capture information in
any environment using whatever device or platform you
find most convenient, and makes this information
accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.
Did we mention that it’s free?

First and foremost, I love Evernote because since I’ve been using this superb universal capture tool, I no longer have to hassle with folder after folder, notepad after notepad… & all other piles of clutter in my computer.  This convenient tool makes it easy to organize, categorize, store & access all the information that I need!

Let’s say you find something you like from the web, you can either copy the whole page, highlight or clip only a certain portion (love the Clipper), or just simply drag & drop directly to Evernote.

For an example, I highlighted the content that I want to keep, right click, and “Add to Evernote”.  Simple as that!  Takes only seconds.  Also, it automatically remembers the URLs!

By “tagging“, a favorite feature of mine, this makes it much easier to access and categorize any of your information.  Go ahead and give it multiple tags so that the information is stored under numerous ways that completely describe what it is that you are saving.

One of the coolest features is the search function within Evernote, which even recognizes text within the image… even from hand written notes let’s say that you scan in!  Here I typed in the word “fashion” in my search box and it found the word in this pic by analyzing the image.

Evernote will also synchronize your notes across all your devices (where Evernote is running) for easy access/search capability anywhere… like your iPhone!  You techie girls will really love this!

Evernote is both for my business & personal use.  Whether they are to-do lists, favorite recipes, future projects, fashion inspiration, & more.  It sure took my organization to a whole new level!  There truly are endless possibilities & benefits working with Evernote!  Maybe you too will get good use out of Evernote.  I highly recommend it!

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