Kissable Jewelry Box – Kiss the LUVU

LUVU… a sweet little thing captures women’s hearts.  The Korean IT company LUVU has come out with a unusual jewelry box called “Kiss the LUVU“.  So, what does it take to open this unusual jewelry case?  You guessed it… with a kiss!

The built in heat sensor detects the heat while a person kisses to open the case… I wonder if fingers, toes would work as well?  As it opens, it plays music and the LED lights up the precious jewel.  The egg-shape makes it easier to hold and I think this would be a cool gift for Easter.

I can’t help but to picture that if something goes wrong… you’ll be kissing it like crazy just to get it open.  Oh, a strict sanitizing is a must and no lipstick please!  LOL!  The price is not yet available as the product is set for release in Korea and hopefully elsewhere in the near future.

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