Bananas – Energy Boosting Snack

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.  As of recently… the start of new year… I’ve come to appreciate the power of healthy food, and how much benefit it provides.  And it starts with breakfast.

I used to just drink coffee and skip breakfast all together… a bad habit of mine!  Many of my friends & family do eat breakfast but all the bad stuff – biscuits, bacon, sausage, etc. (morning fast food!) which contains lots of sodium & saturated fat.

Now my typical breakfast menu items are a fruit/veggie smoothie (banana is a must!), two pieces of double fiber toast (no butter), and some nuts.  I eat a banana almost everyday… there is a reason why athletes live on this amazing fruit.   I also drink green tea instead of coffee.  I feel better mentally & physically with more energy all throughout the day.

I love eating in the morning now because my breakfast is sooooo delicious.  I learned that the best way to eat healthy food is to make it yummy so you’ll crave it each time… even the food that you didn’t use to like as much.

Here Lola Berry explores how to fight fatigue and boost your energy by choosing the right food.

Go Green

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