BoA – Eat You Up MV

BoA is a Korean singer who has been a megastar for several years in Korea & Japan .  Now she’s finally debuted in the US with her single “Eat You Up” which is already a hit in some dance clubs.

I love her dance moves and her voice… BoA’s moves are way better than Britney’s for sure.  I can’t wait to hear the remix with rapper Flo Rida which is planning to be released here soon.  Here are BoA’s Eat You Up music videos just in case you missed them.

You can check out the official BoA Youtube channel.  It’s cool to see an Asian artist finally making a mark in the US and I wish her a ton of success.

BoA – Eat You Up (Korean Produced)

BoA – Eat You Up (US Produced)

Tokyo Live Performance today!

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