Don’t Touch This

Ah, the early 90’s bring back such unforgettable memories.  Some of those include dreadful fashion and trends that some if not all of us would like to permanently forget.  Let’s take MC Hammer for example, very popular during this time but he had a visually disturbing fashion sense that included those baggy pants that could have been used for a parachute if need be.

Just when you thought the MC Hammer baggy look was gone forever here come Harem pants!  Watch out for these hideous pants in a mall or street corner near you.


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  • Brian July 28, 2010, 4:23 pm

    Why would anyone want to wear pants like this? Other than if you want to waddle around like you’re wearing a diaper… Which in actuality would be less expensive to go buy a package of adult diapers and wear those.