Have a Blast with Holga

A toy-like plastic camera, the Holga camera is such a breath of fresh air in the digital dominated world. This cheap 120 film camera is made almost entirely with plastic including the lens, but can produce some amazingly artsy pics! The Holga camera has had a cult following since the 80’s with it’s ability to create unexpected images.

The device is designed so that bits of light leak in, it takes beautifully unpredictable photos – dreamy, blurry, cloudy…etc. All you have to do is just point-n-shoot! Super simple. This camera is so much fun to use especially on trips. I highly recommend the Lomographic Holga Starter Kit, it’s yours to play with for only $53.17. Wow! See sample pics below.


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  • Holga mods August 25, 2008, 6:17 am

    the holga is such a great camera. it changed my perspective on photography!