Ashley Paige – Bikini or Bust

I happened to catch an episode of the new show Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust last night. Ashley is a well known designer of bikinis that has landed on the TLC channel every Friday night at 10pm.

I thought the show was fairly entertaining seeing how much she is struggling to stay afloat and pay her bills while building her brand. I missed Episode 1: Sink or Swimsuit so I’m gonna have to go back and watch it and see how she manages to get a 42-piece collection together in 1 week for LA Fashion week. Ouch!

Here’s a clip of Episode III (I think?). I look forward to watching Ashley’s progress and see how the show blossoms. She makes some amazing pieces that have that luxurious, socal and chic feel that girls just love! I love the “Big Daddy” Carlos guy that is her landlord, what a scary looking man! I would definitely not want to be on his bad side…whoah!

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