Chanel Gladiator Sandals

chanel knee high gladiator sandals

Love or hate them… Knee high gladiator sandals from Chanel (Chanel’s 2007 Cruise Collection). I can’t say I love them because they remind me of fish bones and cost too much – about $1250. One person who LOVES these tall gladiator sandals is Mary-Kate Olsen.

Just how long would it take to slip on & off? I’d much rather have a shorter & cheaper version such as MIA Women’s Empire Gladiator Sandal available for $89.95. (These are now out of stock but please checkout our more recent post over at on Knee-High Gladiators that was just featured in 4/09)

must have gladiator sandals

Mary-Kate Olsen in Chanel knee high gladiator sandals

chanel gladiator sandals

chanel gladiator sandals

chanel gladiator sandals

chanel gladiator sandals

chanel gladiator sandals

Sandals at Zappos

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  • Alisa Amor May 6, 2009, 11:00 am

    I make flat, knee high leather gladiator sandals. My sandals are made with love and entirely by hand. You can choose from designs on my website, or tell me your ideas and I will design something special for you.
    I can also accommodate special foot problems such as wide feet or bunions.
    I do custom leather painting as well, such as flowers, letters, pictures, designs or anything you can think of.
    Unlike store bought sandals,my sandals are so soft and comfy you can actually hike in them..and they are very sexy.–Alisa Amor

  • alexandrameehan June 14, 2013, 10:35 am

    I am not sure how I feel about the super tall- alligator skin – gladiator-“sandals.” These shoes walk a fine-line between “sexy” and “ridiculous.” I don’t know about you all- but you must clearly have very fit legs, because MARY KATE OLSON has fat squishing through the “netting”- which i think we can all agree is saying A LOT!! I can’t figure out what occasion those shoes would be “fitting” for. I am more of a fan of the less expensive- shorter- more practical- rustic brown- gladiator- sandals. They don’t look like they would hurt to walk in, make your “leg fat” squish out (who would have ever thought that would be an issue??) and they seem far less time-consuming to put on. I am going to check out Alisa’s site- seems promising!