Hip Obsession – Long Sexy Hair

I personally love long, wild brunette hair… actually I find dark hair quite sexy. I’m getting a haircut tomorrow and came across Megan Fox while searching for an ideal hairstyle to show my stylist. I LOVE Megan’s hair, yes, she is absolutely gorgeous no matter what but I think her hairstyle plays a big role in her sex appeal. I want that lavish and lush hair that glistens under the light… so wild!

I will take Megan’s photo to my stylist and hope that she does her best to achieve the right look. Of course, I still have to style it but if I can look half as good as Megan, I really don’t care how long it takes. I also wouldn’t mind her tan to go with my long & dark hair… so healthy and sexy! Can’t wait til the hair appointment tomorrow, wish me luck! Here are photos of Megan Fox with my favorite hairstyles.

megan fox photos

celebs sexy hairstyles

sexy long hairstyles


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