Must-Have Sunscreens

best sunblock We all know UV rays are very damaging to our skin.  Most dermatologists say no sun is good sun!  But to be realistic, they strongly recommend using a sunscreen all year round to protect the skin from the sun’s harm rays. 

I wish I had better knowledge about this when I was a teen baking under the sun for hours at a time without much protection.  Now, I never leave the house without a good sunscreen.  Here are my must-have sunscreens that far exceed other sunscreens in many ways.


Neutrogena Sunblock, Age Shield Face SPF 55
neutrogena age shield face sunblock
This breakthrough sun protection is PABA-free which is a commonly used UVB absorber in sunscreens but many people are sensitive to it.  The Age Shield Face Sunblock is the first line of defense against the signs of aging.  Also it’s oil-free!


Burt’s Bees Chemical-Free Sunscreen SPF 30
chemical free sunscreen
I love the fact that this sunscreen is 100% natural!  No chemical actives like octinoxate and oxybenzone so it reflects the sun’s rays naturally.  This wonderful non-greasy sunscreen will keep your skin hydrated without the chemicals that could be harmful when absorbed into the skin.


Innovative Skincare Powder Sunscreen SPF 20
best powder sunscreen
Do you want a sunscreen that is light and airy instead of the usual creamy form?  If so, Innovative Skincare’s Powder Sunscreen is the perfect choice for you.  This easy-to-apply UV blocker is an excellent sunscreen for people with sensitive skin.  The powder(sun medium) will give you a gorgeous glowing tan as soon as you apply it.  Works great for all skin colors, skin types and ages.


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