Must-Have Beauty Item – Rosebud Salve

Smith’s Rosebud Salve is a beauty regimen that’s been around for over 100 years!  Here are the reasons why so many people including celebs & models praise about this little salve.  The product reminded me of Vaseline at first but I realized it’s much better in so many ways.  The smell, consistency, absorbency, color, overall quality and the airtight tin container are simply fantastic.

Rosebud salve is a multi-functional product that will help soothe chapped lips, dry skin, rash, burns, cuts, blemishes…you name it.  I even use it to remove eye makeup, calm the flyaways and eyebrows!  I apply the salve to get those dewy, kissable lips without the additional lip products.  The product gives me good hydration & protection for my lips.  I use my fingers to apply it then rub the remainder right on to the cuticles! 

I can’t wait to try the strawberry, mint and brambleberry!  The Rosebuds are must-have beauty items in your purse.  They are one of the most economical beauty items you’ll find in any boutique.  Go ahead and give this a try!  Well worth a few bucks.

rosebud salve
minted rose lip balm brambleberry rose lip balm strawberry lip balm
Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve 0.8 oz $6
Rosebud Perfume Co. Minted Rose Lip Balm 0.8 oz $7
Rosebud Perfume Co. Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm 0.8 oz $7
Rosebud Perfume Co. Strawberry Lip Balm 0.8 oz $7


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