Relaxing Aroma For Sweet Dreams

lavender chamomile pillow mist Like millions of Americans, I occasionally have trouble falling asleep.  I was recently searching for something that can relax me enough where I fall asleep faster and easier…without the pills!  Just a couple of days ago, I happened to walk into Bath & Body Works and noticed the Sleep Aromatherapy line which says it’s supposed to enhance your sleep through it’s soothing scent. 

There are two kinds – Lavender Chamomile and Lavender Vanilla.  I prefer the Lavender Chamomile products because the scent was more subtle than the Vanilla and the Chamomile is known for it’s relaxing effect.  So, I bought the Lavender Chamomile body lotion, pillow mist and the massage oil.  I tested the body lotion out last night and oh boy…it was very relaxing indeed…then I drifted off somehow…zzzzzzzz.  I’ve only used the lotion on my hands but that little bit of it still helped me relax enough to doze off.  I’ll use it progressively more as time goes. 

By no means will these products knock you out right away.  However, such a soothing scent will make you feel very calm and relaxed as you lie in bed which will help you to fall asleep easier & deeper.  I’m looking forward to trying out the pillow mist tonight!  If you have any trouble sleeping or just simply want to wind down after a hard day, get the Lavender Chamomile products!  Not only is the price reasonable but the stuff actually works!  Other users swear by the Sleep Aromatherapy line by Bath & Body Works where they have stopped taking sleeping pills all together.  Sweet Dreams!


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