Marc Jacobs funky heels

I admire Marc Jacobs as an innovative fashion designer but you wouldn’t catch me wearing these strange heels from his 2008 S/S collection.  They are rather ugly to me.  I just can’t get over the design…especially the heels and what about the comfort?  I’m sure they are more comfortable than they look but please…no thanks.  Let Victoria Beckham enjoy these all to herself!  That’s the last thing I need is women coming up to me saying “what’s wrong with your heels”?

2008 S/S Marc Jacobs Shoes

ugly shoes

marc jacobs shoes

latest designer shoes

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  • Danni December 20, 2011, 10:54 pm

    When people say “what’s wrong with your heels,” you just reply “Nothing, my feet are on backwards.” Problem solved.