DIY iPod MP3 case

Found this adorable DIY iPod case instructional.  This iPod mp3 case is the cutest one I’ve ever seen and it’s homemade!  Looks like a fun project to do.  This nano case would be a great stocking stuffer for the holidays and even more special cause you made it. 

diy mp3 case
It’s time for a new winter outfit for my MP3. Woohoo!

Cut out 2 same size felt sheets for each – front, back and cover.
(Pic showing back, front, cover.  I used different color for the back)

Front: Put 2 sheets together and do a buttonhole stitch
(stich only on the top part and around 2 open windows – just like the pic!)

diy home craft project
Put 2 back sheets together with the completed front piece then do the
buttonhole stitch all around it except for the opening where the ear piece
inserts below & the sides where the sheep ears will be added.

The cover piece, put on a sheep face and apply the lolipop decor…

diy holiday gift
Attach the sheep ears.  I decided to stitch in the
black cat instead of a lolipop piece.

Whoah…sweating!  Gluing on the cat would’ve
been easier but prettier if it’s stitched in.

diy ipod case
Add the eyelets!  Love these little things. :)

I insert my favorite green leather string through the eyelets & secure.
Oops, forgot the pic – buttonhole stitch the cover piece to the main
case at the very top (see the darker top stitching in the last pic?)

pretty mp3 case
Attach a little plastic snap button for closure.  A hook might work too.

You can also attach an ear piece wire holder on the back side…genius!
(stitch in the bottom part & add the snap button at the top for an easy open/close)

diy ipod mp3 case
Use the sheep ears to hang the ear piece…heeheehee…so cute! :)

diy gift idea
Now you have your one and only – the best DIY i-Pod nano case ever!

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