My all time top 5 supermodels

I love supermodels.  Who doesn’t?  I think they are the most gorgeous creatures in the world…at least physically.  There are so many models to choose from but below are my top 5 supermodels of all time!  All 5 supermodels – Natalia Vodianova, Kate Moss, Stephanie Seymour, Helena Christensen and Angela Lindvall represent timeless beauty.   These astonishing models stand out among other supermodels because they are so versitile and breathtaking in front of the camera.

1.  Natalia Vodianova
Something about this girl reminds me of a young Brooke Shields…maybe it’s her eyebrows.  I think she is overall the best model working in the present time.  Natalia is the epitome of Russian beauty.  I want to call her the Russian Princess because her amazing life story is a true fairy tale.
russian supermodel


2.  Kate Moss
There is so much to be said about Kate Moss.  One of the most recognized and highest paid supermodels of the 90’s as well as today!  I adore her exquisite features and her incredible fashion sense.  She’s not your typical 5’10” ish model but her “street” look & appeal have made her career flourish for nearly two decades now.
kate moss fashion pic

3.  Stephanie Seymour
She was known for her lean yet curvy figure with a killer sex appeal.  Stephanie is an ultra feminine model who has one of the best bodies I’ve ever seen especially during her prime years in the 90’s.  My favorite Victoria’s Secret model of all time!
leggy model stephanie seymour

4.  Helena Christensen
Helena was one of the leading supermodels of the 90’s.  Her Danish & Peruvian background created the most exquisite and exotic model  to date.
helena christensen b/w pic

5.  Angela Lindvall
This fabulous American supermodel has a smoking hot figure with an “all-american-girl” look.  No wonder why Victoria’s Secret hired her to walk on the runway for several years!
american supermodel angela lindvall


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