Japanese pop superstar Koda Kumi

koda kumi pic
Koda Kumi is one of the most sought after singers and song writers in Japan.  (Yes, and I’m big fan of Asian pop culture.)  Koda is a famous star throughtout all of asia.  Her voice reminds me of like that of Christina Aguilera who is also her favorite artist as well.  I love Koda not only because of her angelic voice but her greate sense of fashion style.  She incorporates her fantastic fashion sense even into her music videos like “But” one of my favorite mv’s with lots of colors and flare. 

Koda kumi – But

Koda Kumi – BUT
Uploaded by yyug

She has had numerous hits since 2000 and I strongly recommend Best ~first things~ which is a great compliation of her wonderful hits for those new to Koda Kumi!


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