Fake vs Real and how to spot knock offs

There are many many designer name brands that are of high quality value but unfortunately there are tons of knock offs deceiving many consumers as well.  There are more to counterfeit goods than just the cheap price.  It’s a billion dollar industry that involves illegal child labor, work abuse and even human trafficking. 

Personally, I’d rather save for months to get a genuine Prada bag than a cheap knock off bag.  Is it really worth buying a fake Gucci bag that falls apart after one use?  So shop wisely and beware of these low low quality “wannabe” products claming that it’s the real deal.  Here is a video clip on what’s behind this shady industry.  It’s a serious problem.  Learn more at fakesareneverinfashion.com and please help spread the message.  Be hip, not cheap! Check out “Real vs Fake” comparison photos.


Real vs Fake

fake vs real how to tell

how to spot knock off watch

cartier knock off

knock off sunglasses

gucci buckle belt

how to tell real vs fake designer brand



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