Girlie approved makeup removers

Wearing great makeup is essential for any hipgirlie!  However, removing your makeup is just as important in order to have & maintain beautiful skin.  Over the years I’ve used numerous makeup removers and I come up with two of all-time favorites. 

I often wear heavy eye makeup and this is what I use to erase it! This is the best makeup remover for thick eye makeup. It’s water based, very gentle yet so effective. This will take off all layers of eye shadow, dark liners and thick mascara with ease. The best part is it’s not greasy and cool to the touch.

Studio Gear Eye Makeup Remover

I’m a die hard fan of Kiehl’s products. They are one of the best quality products out there. This amazing makeup remover is more than just a makeup remover. It’s oil based yet leaves skin ever so soft without being greasy. I have oily skin but I love using this one to remove all my makeup at the end of the day. I bought this about a year ago and I still have a bunch left in the bottle.

You only need a few drops for your whole face! I just massage the oil on my face in a circular motion for a minute or two and simply wipe off with a tissue. You’ll see gobs of nasty makeup melting down…yikes! Then I can cleanse my face with ease right after using this product. Yeah, this makeup remover works fabulously even on the heaviest makeup. You can also use it as a regular cleanser if you have dry skin!

kiehl’s makeup remover
Oil-Based Cleanser & Makeup Remover

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