10 Fall Must-Haves

Autumn is my favorite season of all.  Brutal heat is fading away at last and it starts to cool down.  It’s time for more accessorizing!  Without question, autumn is the most fashionable season for many fashionistas.  Here are my top 10 fall fashion must-haves featuring popular trends right now.

**Leather/faux handbags
Nice & big bags to update your fall wardrobe!

trendy totes hobos purses


** Flat boots
If you want to add height to it then go with heel boots.  But I LOVE LOVE flat boots!  Talking about a sexy & comfortable all at the same time.  These look awfully great over your slim jeans.  This is one fashion item I’m willing to splurge on this fall!

trendy flat boots

** Girly Blouses
The trend for blouses is feminine with ruffles and frills.  They definitely add a romantic touch that your man will appreciate.

trendy fall blouse      sexy tops

** Amber Fragrance
You definitely want a perfect scent for the cooler season.  Amber note based scents are one of the hot fragrances this fall.

fall fragrances

** Cropped Jackets
There are lots of choices when it comes to jackets/coats but I’m a big fan of cropped jackets.  The short length and shrunken look adds flavor to whatever you are wearing.  They are so chic and you must not go without one.  Put on a cute mini dress and throw your sexy cropped jacket on top of it!

sexy coats

cropped jacket      cropped leather jacket      cropped coat

** Bold jewelry
Whenever I wear bold chunky jewelry, I only wear one but no more than two – a ring or earrings.  I strongly believe that less is more when it comes to jewelry.  See some of my hottest fall jewelry picks.

fall it jewelry

** Sexy pumps
These pumps are timeless and will never go out of style.  You can wear them throughout the year.  You’ll feel sexy and tall like Gisele in these pumps!

trendy shoes heals

** Skinny Jeans
I’m well aware of the “It Pants” are baggy/slouchy/wide leg pants right now.  Let me tell you something, all wide pants are fine and dandy…but only when I just want to go to a business meeting or dress up a little.  There is no way I’ll go without skinny jeans at any time especially in the fall/winter season.  Skinny jeans are so hip yet versatile and comfy.  You can also read my previous post on skinny jeans.  You can pretty much wear it with any top and will look great.  Oh, don’t forget to pair it with flat boots!

skinny jeans

** Hats
A true fashionista must own several cool hats for this fall season.  It’s another easy way to spruce up your wardrobe.

fashion hats

** Mini Dresses
Mini and slim knit belted dresses are hot this fall.  I’d go with a mini dress for my own taste.  It just makes me feel so pretty when I wear a cute mini dress and layer it with a vintage motorcycle jacket!  What a cool mix & match that is.  You’ll be one classy rock chick in no time!

fall trendy dresses


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