A hip girls’ getaway guide

Whether you are visiting your family, planning for a romantic getaway or just a girls’ weekend trip to the mountains, knowing what to pack is the key to a perfect vacation.  A hip traveler makes sure to be comfortable yet stylish once at her destination.  Here are some useful tips for your packing guide must-do’s.

travel packing tips

Make a checklist, double check it, pack and you are ready to jet!


  • Pack smart – means you pack light.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did at the airport!

  • Comfy walking shoes.  I don’t know about you but nothing else is too much fun if my feet are in pain.  There are many chic sneakers/sandals available throughout the year for your own taste.  Walking shoes first always, then you can worry about the dressy shoes.

  • The best SPF you can find.  Doesn’t matter where you go, a hip girl never goes anywhere without a good SPF especially if you plan to spend much of the vacation outdoors.  Don’t go overboard getting like an SPF 50 or higher as recent data suggests it is simply overkill.

  • A few jewelry pieces.  I’m not talking about taking your whole jewelry collection.  Just a couple of nice pieces that will go with the wardrobe your are packing.  I only bring a pair of dangling earings and either a huge beaded necklace or sexy bagles.  I can wear them with button down cotton shirts and jeans.  Then pair them with a cute doll minidress when I go out for the night clubbing.

  • When in doubt, take a scarf and hat!  A quick & easy way to add some punch to your style. 

  • A lightweight jacket or cardigan.  Better safe than sorry when unexpected weather hits you.

  • Ziploc bags!  These come in so handy – for scrounging up little items like toiletries and I even use gallon size bags to separate dirty clothes during my trip.

  • Have a backup for important addresses/phone numbers just in case if you lose the cell or laptop.  Also, make two copies of important travel documets —one set for the trip, and one for friends or family to keep at home especially if your trip is outside of the country.

  • It’s essential to not go a day without any med’s / documents you might need.  Make sure to pack the most important items in your carry-on luggage!

  • Most important of all – have a blast & be safe!  Learning about your destination before the trip will be a plus and remember a little planning goes a long way…just don’t over do it & take the fun out of the whole thing.


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