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We all know how popular tracksuits are nowadays.  Mainly as what athletes wore over competition clothing and would take off before competing.  In modern times, it has become commonly worn in other contexts.  Tracksuits have been very popular with the hip hop and breakdancing scenes since the 1980’s.  Now, they’ve become one of the favorite styles among many celebs. 

tracksuit fashion styles


The best tracksuits to date have to be Juicy Couture tracksuits.  Some of the Juicy fans are Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson…and me!  I own several pairs myself and I can’t live without them.  Yes, they are pricey compared to Nike, Adidas and other brands but the quality tops them all. 

The first thing I throw on before I run erronds are these Juicy tracksuits. They are the most comfortable clothes but remain hip & stylish.  Juicy Couture tracksuits will last for a long long time and still look brand new after yrs of abuse from me…haha.  If you like to get high quality tracksuit with a great fit, definitely consider Juicy Couture.

shop tracksuits


Here is my 2nd favorite tracksuit from Victoria’s Secret.

victoria’s secret apparel


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  • Nicolr January 22, 2009, 9:52 pm

    Definitly love juicy tracksuits.I have 2.They fit awesome and my mom and sister are always borrowing them.