Kate Moss is the queen of style

I must say no one shows style like Kate.  Her style is adorned by many people including fashion critics. No wonder she is an inspiration for other celebs & absolutely for other models.  She is known for her mix & match style, from classic couture to vintage motorcycle jackets.  This is why I admire her look–high street fashion.  The effortless and edgye style that defines Kate. 

Recently Kate launched her own design line of clothing through TopShop, inspired by her wardrobe.  Kate is deeply involved with all of her clothing and accessory labels.  You can definitely see Kate’s unique sense of style through her designs at KateMosstopshop.com.  Now you can be the one of the first to discover and wear Kate’s iconic style!  Topshop delivers to the United States as well!

kate moss fashion icon
Now you too can get Kate’s hip wardrobe!


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